Our Favorites

Sarma Kornet

Sarma Cornet

Piece: 150 boxes

Petekli Kornet

Honeycomb Cone

Piece: 280 boxes


Mine 3

Piece: 300 boxes

Sarma Kornet


Piece: 300 boxes

About Us

Our company, which was established in a small workshop in 1956 in order to produce ice cream cones and wafers, was manufacturing with manuel machines during those years. In 1966 we set up a factory for ice cream cone manufacturing and in 1980 our business rapidly grow as one of the first ice cream cone manufacturer in Turkey. In 1984 fully authomated machines raised our production capacity and we introduce sugar cone to Turkish consumers for the first time.


Today, Karaca Foods is produced without touching and fulfilling the requirements of BRC Food Safety and Quality Management Standard.
At this point, one of the key elements of our production, our staff is knowledgeable about HACCP, which is part of BRC Standard and are experienced in cone production. Our team, acting in the spirit of team, contains the excitement of production.